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Why Did I Start This Blog?

I believe that by creating this blog, I am carrying out my spiritual purpose to share my own challenges in order to create an authentic and safe space where others can come to know that they are not alone.

Besides sharing my personal life within my blogs, I also intend to share valuable resources that will help you with your own journey of healing/growing/learning and discovery of self.

Who Am I?

Behind this blog there is a creator-moi! My name is Andrea and I have a multitude of passions * it will depend on the day*.  I am a new(ish) mother to an AMAZING little girl, I hold my real estate licence and specialize in  development/sales by profession (10 years), however in recent years I have also become a registered clinical hypnotherapist, personal coach and author.

I am also an Eating Disorder Warrior, and much of the older posts in this blog follow the journey of my own recovery from Anorexia, Binge Eating and Bulimia. I started this blog in the latter portion of my recovery as I am now officially no longer binging and purging or restricting (YAY!) so it should be quite low key about the ED and primarily geared towards self development, mindset and just how I continue to “keep well”.

My personal journey included struggles with disordered eating for 20 ISH years.

This is a page dedicated to your journey, as much as it has been written to reflect pieces of mine.

I want to mention that I am not a doctor, therapist, dietician, psychiatrist, etc. So I offer my support through my words support and inspiration. I promote that it is a great idea to work closely with a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, therapist if you are struggling.

More Than Just A Blog On Disordered Eating…

Yes, I promote this as an Eating Disorder Recovery Blog – but I know it will also resonate with so many other people- and look also ask you to look beyond an eating disorder into the deeper meaning behind such struggle.

Besides dealing with my own personal challenges and struggles which included eating disorders, perfectionism, and anxiety, lay a deeper feeling of being lost and disconnected from my true purpose in life.

As I moved closer towards my true path, the more healing and recovery I experienced organically.

I write about a variety of thoughts within my blog, but one thing stays constant with the theme, and that is that I am a self-development and wellness junkie- I absolutely love anything to do with health and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit!

So, I hope that this page reflects that- as many of the posts might not seem to be directly associated with disordered eating (aka I don’t talk about ED this and ED that because… common now, we get it) however all that I write of played a special role within my journey towards healing and recovery.

The Path Is Not Always Clear or Evident On A Journey.

We are all on a path, all on a journey.

Discovering my path and being on my journey has allowed me to discover or perhaps rather uncover my passion for continuous self-development and growth and thus aided in my recovery as I continue to strive to be the best version of me.

We all have our struggles. Mine was with addiction.

The eating disorder was the addiction- I am someone who has dealt with disordered eating (and all that comes with it). I can happily say that I have come out the other side currently free from any need to restrict food in an unhealthy way (aka think I can live off of a bowl of soup, an apple, and saltine crackers) and free from the need to binge and purge. With this being said, there are days still where I have my struggles with anxiety.

In Closing…

If you are looking to get real and improve your life to become the best version of who you are in any way than this blog is for you.

Because I love to explore, learn and grow, I keep coming across many amazing resources, ideas, thoughts, etc. etc. all which have helped me to create a life I *on most days* love and helps me to continually develop myself in so many ways.

By creating this site I can share and document my journey- because sharing and being honest about my journey and feelings is one of the most important things that I can do for myself in recovery, and for others who share my struggles. Also, if you are interested to work with me drop me a line anytime through instagram and also sign up for updates.

Hopefully, things will work out where I can inspire you to do the same.

Now I must mention one important key point about my blog:


This blog, is in no way meant to be anything other than my own account and sharing of my life- I do provide self development tips and ED Recovery tips that I found helpful for myself as this website follows my own ED journey- but ultimately- if you do suffer from and ED then I recommend you seek professional help. I do provide 1-1 coaching support to supplement professional help if you are interested.

A few posts on this blog may contain slightly “triggering” language with the mention of calories/other unhealthy attributes/etc. 

So, now that is out of the way- let’s continue…

*ANOTHER* DISCLAIMER: Please do not use my experience and advice as a substitute for receiving professional treatment for an eating disorder.

I appreciate and welcome each and every comment that comes my way- so don’t be shy! Leave me a note!

Love & Light xo