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The Days When I Feel Tired.

I love to be honest.

It seems like just because I am a coach I need to act like I have everything figured out all the time.


Says who?

The reality is as I continue to ‘make my way up the mountain’ I will come up against days that will be almost as challenging as they used to be; minus the binge and purge**standing applause**.

So things are much better than they used to be and guess what I still have ‘off-days’ they just come much more infrequently than they did before.

Actually before…

It was every day.

Now I would say I give myself about 6 days per year- I am way too busy for anything else….

Being Gentle With Ourselves

Do I really need to be counting the days that I need some me time?

I had an amazing coaching session the other day- (many coaches get coaching themselves btw)…

She mentioned to me that I needed to work on being my own mother.

Showing up for myself and making space to meet my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

I have been feeling exhaustion lately- between being a mom, entrepreneur, spiritual student, partner, decorator, podcaster…

Listen, I love it all. But I have been slacking a bit on my commitment to myself. When I am not aligned my tendency is to ‘feel exhausted’. I can then create a narrative that dances around the simple word exhausted- it is a fabulous excuse to say that I am too tired.

” I can’t- I’m tired”

” Tomorrow- I’m tired”

” I feel depleted, I’m tired”

I need to mother myself when that happens- lean into the exhaustion and ask myself: What Do I Need?

What do I need in that moment? What can be done in the Now?


To support my energy, I will also do a meditation/guided hypnotherapy and can say affirmations:

I am resting and repairing

I am blessing away all that distracts me while I call in only all that supports me.

I am committed to being vibrant.

I am health.

I am accepting the abundance and energy that flows to me.

The Days When You Feel Tired

There will be days when you feel tired, and that is okay.

Remember to mother yourself- show yourself kindness and love.

Do what you need- follow your intuition.

Relax in bed with a tea or hot coca and listen to meditations, hypnotherapies, and whatever else interests you.

Cozy under the covers and be okay with it- enjoy it. Enjoy the sensations of the fabrics next to your skin.

Have gratitude for all that was, is and will be.

Sink into the safety

the calm

I am home.

4 thoughts on “The Days When I Feel Tired.”

  1. Andrea, I really value & respect the realness that you have shared here. It’s beautiful. This struggle isn’t talked about often & it is not a weakness! While juggling so many different roles & pushing for results, it’s easy to overlook the small ways of nurturing ourselves on a daily basis. As women and mothers, it’s important to remember to fill our cups first before others so that we can show up as our best selves.

    1. Hi Tara,

      Thank you for your comment- I am so happy that this post resonated for you! You are very right- our cups must be running on full! Reminds me of a card that I pulled, each card expressing our true gifts. I still have it sitting on my desk. It reads “Unless You Are In Your Joy, You Have Nothing To Give Anyway”.
      XO AK

  2. Andrea, I love this post! And the affirmations for helping to feel like rest is okay! Very helpful. Thank you!❤️

  3. I love how honest this. Even as a coach, you’re not afraid to say you have long, tiring, challenging days. Too often, I see coworkers and friends appear to have it all together, all the time. Making my long days feel even longer as I seem to be the only one with them. It’s nice to hear we are all in this together and we can all use some mental breaks here and there. –Ryan

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