Tiny Habits for Taking Action

All this talk about self development means nothing without action.

I see it all too many times- people who ready so many books, attend the courses, listen to the podcasts; but they don’t apply themselves to actually get doing and do the work.

I have found that my best success comes from just getting started, without worrying about all the details. This comes easy as this is more of my personality anyways- big picture.

How To Get Started

I want this post to be short, sweet, to the point- just as it embodies what this concept is all about.

Start.. now. This moment. Make a commitment that it won’t be tomorrow, next week- if you want to get started, do it now.

Make a commitment contract with yourself, a document where you sign and date your written commitment to yourself expressing your intention to follow through with your habit and goal for a minimum of 30 days.

All you need to commit to is just one small step each day.

Take one small step. Tiny habits have a compound effect, adding up each day to accomplish a much bigger goal.

Anchoring is a technique of adding a new habit that you want to create into an existing habit or routine that you currently have.

Set a reminder for yourself each day- and then another reminder at the end of the day.

Start now. Think of one thing that you have been wanting to accomplish. What is ONE small step that you can start right now or today that will bring you closer to that goal? This could mean incorporating a 15 minuet meditation into your morning routine or right after you wake up and brush your teeth, it could mean 10 pushups before each meal, or holding a specific yoga pose right before you go to bed each evening.

Make it easy. This is easy.

And then celebrate yourself, you did it- you’re on your way! From doing this tiny habit each day you have taken action.

And that, my friend, is how is where it all begins.

Comment below on the step that you plan on taking, today.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Habits for Taking Action”

  1. This is so in alignment with me at the moment. Thank you for the healthy reminder. I have been promising myself to start taking care of myself a little better, to support my body and overall well-being with basic basic things. After this…..I’m starting RIGHT NOW! Thanks Andrea xo

  2. Great post! Sometimes getting started can be a seemingly BIG & overwhelming step but you’ve beautifully pointed out here that it really doesn’t need to be. All it takes is one small step in the right directions & some commitment to self. All the best.

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