At Peace with Ourselves

I was just thinking about the versions of myself throughout the years and now,

My child self, my teenage rebellious self, my missing self, my messy self, my inspired self, my developed self… my current state self…

I was thinking now looking back, perhaps this reflection could really never come until now, but it would be really cool to have chosen to embrace each self during the time. I wonder what that experience would be like? The only viable solution at this point would clearly be a time machine to go back in time and decide to like each version of me the decision to move forward carrying out the experience of being completely at peace with myself just the way I am.

So here we are. I have been doing that, just being. It includes a lot of inability to give a shit what other people think, messy parts where versions of my old self may reappear to rear its ugly head- just for a moment- to stare back at me as a reminder of the lessons I have already learned. I am still not perfect but that isn’t something I stive for anymore- and what the fuck is perfect anyways?

One thing I am really appreciating lately is S p a c e. LIVING IT AND LOVING IT!!

Everything is perfect just the way it is.

I am perfect just the way I am.

Being at peace with ourselves will bring us peace with the world around us.

My hope of embracing this way of being, not only for myself but for my daughter.. I hope for her to choose to embrace her versions of herself, as she continues to discover what they are.

And for you, whoever reads this- I hope you can also love the current version of yourself too- and love the fact that change is inevitable.

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