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The Importance of Having Your Sacred Space

What is Sacred Space?

When you think of having a sacred space, what does that mean to you? You might be inclined to think of a physical space- a temple or church are considered sacred spaces, perhaps a room in your house for yoga, meditation, writing- but for myself, my sacred space is right here- online. This blog. These posts.

I consider my home as my sacred space, I have become quite the homebody and enjoying my time reading, writing, learning, creating- while being a mom. But it is when I come to my blog and spend some time to write these posts, for you readers, that I recognize a feeling of connection that cannot necessarily be articulated but rather felt-explored by being within the feeling itself.

When I write these posts, I feel at home. I free-write which means that often, I don’t plan majority of these posts- I recognize and assume the flow. I trust that what needs to be said I will say, and will share a message to whoever reads this, speaking to them within its own way.

You might be wondering, where in your life you hold sacred space for yourself?

For myself, it’s writing. But for you, it could look completely different.

Other examples of sacred space could be daily meditation, affirmations, working out or working on a special project or hobby… it will take its shape in its own unique form and is different for each person. I found my sacred space through my own personal journey of self-discovery. My experience of this discovery was similar to picking an old favourite dusty book off the shelf and opening it up again for the first time in years. I had to get re-aquainted.

I wonder about your sacred space, and what it will look like for you?

Why We Need Our Sacred Space

If you want to be happy, to be in joy, to be free of the BS that drags you down… well,

You need to be yourself.

You need to do things as you want to and to live life on your terms.

This is not always as straightforward as it is to just say, isn’t it? Having a sacred space will keep you connected while you work on other areas of your life, bringing you closer to your truest form of being.

Let’s be honest- majority of people do their job because it is their job and it is how they earn their living. The idea that there is more beyond this, it is not even a fathomable option- but actually, it is.

You owe it to yourself to have the opportunity to be within a state of connection and flow. It will bring you joy. It will inspire you. It will be your anchor in times of frenzy and stress. It will accompany you down the path of becoming awakened. In many ways, I did not recognize how much it was missing until I have it now- I have so much appreciation.

If there is a narrative that is keeping you from moving forward to create for you your sacred space, ask yourself why. Keep asking. Hold the intention to get answers and move closer. Trust me, it’s there. It is within each of our innate beings to be in a space of connection and knowing. Flow.

And you will find this all within your sacred space.

Drop me a note below and let me know, what is your sacred space?

1 thought on “The Importance of Having Your Sacred Space”

  1. I appreciate this post and agree that a “sacred space” will look a little different for everyone. Whatever it looks like or whatever form it takes on, it is essential in closing ourselves off from any external noise or distraction so that we can truly be still with ourselves. Yes, initially there may be some resistance keeping us from creating or entering this sacred space with ourselves but once we are there, the benefits & opportunities will be undeniable. Thank you.

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