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Action Plan For Self Development -In Five Minuets

Get that piece of paper out because you are about to do an action plan for self development not later, but RIGHT NOW. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it is highly effective no matter where in your journey you are starting from.

If there is one tip that you can take from this post- it is to take action now.

So everyone has their own way of how they like to do things, and this is just what I like to do because it is easy and will get you started right away.

Take that piece of paper and draw a line right down the middle. On the left hand side write “Physical” and the on the right hand side write “Mental”. These are the two areas that people generally would like to improve when they are wanting to take action on their personal self development.

Now take a moment and close your eyes- and imagine yourself exactly as you want to be physically, mentally and spiritually. What do you look like? What are you doing?

Keep this image of yourself in mind as you consider the following:

Developing Yourself Physically

Take note of where you are physically in the present moment. Do you feel healthy? Are you able to do physical activities with enjoyment and ease? Are you happy with your body in the way that it looks aesthetically? Are there any fitness/sport goals that you wish to achieve? Keeping all of these things in mind, what is ONE major goal that you have in mind? Your top goal that you would like to work on first. Write that goal down and underline it. This is your focus.

Now ask yourself, what are 3 things that you can do immediately to help you to achieve that goal and to be closer to your visualized “future self”?

You may want to consider or review the following to get some ideas:

Are you drinking enough water?

Could you work on cutting out refined sugars and replacing other certain foods with healthy alternatives?

Are you getting regular exercise or could you become more consistent/add in another day?

How is your current state of flexibility/range of motion?

Could you add onto your distance/resistance or work on your time for any sports or exercises?

And know that even if you are just adding in 1 more day of physical exercise per week, going that extra mile (literally), adding in just 1 more glass of water or deciding to replace just 1 food choice with a healthy alternative instead, these small steps are small wins that will add up over time, especially if you keep repeating this process regularly.

Now for the second half of the sheet……

Developing Yourself Mentally

Just as it is important to fuel your body with proper food and exercise it regularly, it is important to fuel and exercise your mind.

Close your eyes again- going back to visualizing your future self, and think about where you would like to see yourself in 5 years, is there anything you are wanting to accomplish? What would you be doing that would bring you the greatest joy?

Now open your eyes and write down what comes to you- write down what makes you happy. What do you want to do really? What would you like to see yourself accomplish 5 years from now?

What can you start doing today to help encourage and support this vision? Pick your top 3 and with no excuses start incorporating it into a weekly routine.

You may want to consider the following:

What are the current beliefs or thoughts that may be holding you back? What areas stand out- is it self confidence/self worth or wealth/abundance? These areas are very common for many people.

Start feeding your mind good thoughts (you can check out my affirmations page here).

What books can you start reading? (Some suggestions will be posted here soon) Would you be able to set aside 30 mins each night to read a book that you find interesting/inspiring before bed?

What courses can you take that you find interesting and will encourage you to learn and grow?

What is one thing that you have been interested in doing but have not “gotten around to it”? Show yourself that you are done with excuses and set a date a stick to it. The follow through will feel SO GOOD! Just do it already!!

Do you have a daily practice to exercise your mind? If it is something to interest you then you may want to visit my page to learn more about my program here.

What do you think about this article? I would like to hear any of your comments or suggestions! Let me know what you wrote down, and how valuable was this post for you?

1 thought on “Action Plan For Self Development -In Five Minuets”

  1. Hi, Andrea!
    Thank you for sharing this great post! I love it. I always think about my self-development, and for me, this is the most important thing. In fact, I think this is the reason, why we are here on Earth (at least me).
    Thank you for doing this!
    It is great that you encourage people to think about their self-development and act.

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