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Healthy Ways to Release Anger

So.. knowing healthy ways to release anger is a very important topic that I would like to discuss with you today.

Dealing with anger properly is something that I have personally struggled with in the past. I did not have a proper outlet or way of expressing/getting rid of anger that I was feeling and it would build up inside of me and come out in ways that were less than attractive… of course I still get angry but I am better able to deal with the emotions now and I would like to share with you what has worked well for me.

Healthy Ways to Release Anger

In the past I coasted at what was called “a slow boil”… my anger was always there inside and I was pretending that I was not effected as much as I really was by that emotion because I did not really know how to deal with it. It was so funny- not actually funny but funny in the sense that I had so much anger stored within me and I had no idea!

All the built up anger inside of me pestered me like an annoying tick.

I spent a year getting rid of the layers of that emotion and learning how I could effectively deal with anger if it came up for me again. It was a real eye opener and I felt absolutely #winning when earlier this morning I experienced anger again- but I was fully aware of how I now deal with things completely differently. This first thing I thought of was that I needed to go right to the gym. I had a killer workout btw.

Not having or knowing any healthy ways that you can release emotions will lead you to storing emotions inside your body, and I am a true believer that this is one of the main reasons why people end up getting sick or riddled with disease. So, in hopes that perhaps you can get even a bit of relief if you are currently dealing with a similar situation here are the healthy ways that I release anger myself:

Get Moving

anything physical to get the body moving, sweating etc. Lifting weights for me is huge and I love it. I also enjoy power walking despite the fact that many of my fitness friends feel that power walking is a sport of a senior citizen I power walk over any other form of cardio right now. I will post further about why I choose this type of exercise because of adrenals another time.

Break Something

Not kidding. Now, I am not talking about big ticket items here or anything that I will regret later. I am referring to Pencils, crayons, etc. Sometimes just taking a moment to break crayons helps to release angry emotions stored inside or at least give you some relief. I haven’t tried this but throwing stones (not at anyone) might work well too…..just a thought.

Throw a Temper Tantrum

Again, no judging here but allowing the release of negative energy feels really good when I punch a pillow, jump up and down or yell and scream (in private).

So I do notice a pattern of early childhood behavior in the last few posts… coincidental?

And of course, when I feel like being “a mature adult” I may choose to…….


allowing the emotion to be honored and get out how I am feeling, why I am feeling that way and understanding its root causes/triggers. This is especially important for understanding deeper issues as to why I might be so bothered about certain people/places/things/circumstances. Currently, I have a tendency to use what makes me angry for means of self reflection. Digging deeper, I try to see if whatever is making me angry something that I need to work on myself. I do believe that life is a mirror of your inner state.

All of the above I find quite helpful and I feel good quickly after, I also feel like I have addressed my emotion instead of just…..pretending that it isn’t there.

Stuffing your anger is not healthy

and eventually, you will be like a shaken up soda that just explodes. Emotions are normal and it is totally okay and NORMAL to feel emotions such as anger. It is just important that you address it, deal with it… and it will pass. By not addressing what you are truly feeling you are not listening to yourself. Respect yourself enough to listen to yourself.

I hope my healthy suggestions to release anger was useful to you. Let me know if you tried any of these or have any of your own that you would like to share.  I would love to hear about your own experiences with dealing with anger.

Love & Light


9 thoughts on “Healthy Ways to Release Anger”

  1. It is so funny that you mentioned writing. I find I am keeping a journal more often during this crazy transition in my life from teaching in Venezuela to moving and teaching in Mongolia. I found writing whether it is about teaching or running or just what happened that day has calmed my nerves completely. Thank you for the great insight. I never thought the writing could be another form of relieving my stress but it completely has been.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, anger is a human emotion and no matter how nice a person may be there are times when they do get angry. But there ar different levels of anger and it is how we deal with this human emotion that makes the difference. This post is awesome and will help those to understand how to go about situations when angry.

    1. Hi Norman, you bring up a really great point about the different levels of anger! Let me know about your experiences with any of my tips in this post….. or have any of your own 🙂

  3. Hey Andrea:

    Like you, I’ve had to work through anger issues and have found that one thing that really helped was getting into a martial art. (For me, it was Southern Style Preying Mantis kung fu, which I fell into because it was the only way I could learn the Six Sounds ch’i kung that was particularly helpful.)

    It was a surprise to me since I truly am a non-violent person. (I was a lousy fighter because I didn’t like hitting people.)

    However, doing the forms and the training — just waving my arms around punching air and so on — was amazingly therapeutic.

    1. Hi Netta,

      Thank you for your share! It really is about the “release” isn’t it? Even a simple act of air punching just gets the energetic release of the stored emotion! I would like to know more about the Southern Style Preying Mantis Kung Fu- do you have any resources or youtube videos on it?

  4. Great article Andrea. I find that I get the most frustrated when I’m driving and I like to just whack the steering wheel a few times or yell with the windows closed. I find this really helps relieve some pent up stress, especially when stuck in a multi hour traffic jam or something. Driving has to be one of the most frustrating things in the world these days because you can’t get anywhere fast! Glad to hear I’m not the only one that uses these methods to deal with a bit of stress!`

  5. When I was a lot younger, I had very bad tempers and mom and me would yell at the top of our lungs all the times. But as a working adult, it wouldn’t be wise to do that anymore so whenever something annoys me, I usually just walk away or turn on a loud music.

    These days I try to avoid any form of confrontation because the words that come out from our mouth hurts. It hurts the person who is hearing it and it embarrasses me as a human being. I guess you could say that I’ve matured 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your comment – I can completely relate! 

      I hope that you are able to find ways to release any pent up irritations/frustrations/anger in healthy ways…

      All the best to you!

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