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Hypnotherapy for Low Self Esteem- Does it work?

How effective is hypnotherapy for low self esteem and low self confidence?

From what I have seen, pretty darn good!

I see how hypnotherapy works well for my clients’ self confidence and self esteem time and time again, with methods as simple as hypnotic suggestion. I can get into different styles of hypnotherapy in another post, but simply put hypnotic suggestion is the more basic method used in hypnotherapy as opposed to regression work where I have my clients go back to early childhood (or even before).

I see an increase in self esteem and self confidence as we work on other issues too so if you are wanting to give hypnotherapy a go, then yes give it a try but you should also make sure that you are working with a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist that has adequate experience and that you feel comfortable with. You can always connect with me and I can give you a link to my program which has audio recordings for you to listen to in place of an in person session.

For those of you who are unsure of just what hypnotherapy is, let me get you up to speed.

Hypnosis is a form of focused awareness that has been used for centuries. It is widely used today to work on a variety of issues including self confidence and self esteem.

Hypnosis induction methods date back to times of Ancient Civilizations and more discoveries and developments have been made throughout the centuries leading into the 21st century to where we are today.

Although it seems to me that many people find it “mysterious”, it certainly is no more than being in a suggestible state, a state where we are working within the subconscious part of the mind where you focused… and you have probably experienced it yourself the last time you were watching TV or even driving.

So how does hypnosis work anyway?

The estimated breakdown of our human mind simply is as follows:

The conscious mind (5-10% of our brain) and

The subconscious/unconscious mind (90-95%).

The conscious (critical) mind is where we logically process any new information and the subconscious mind is always running in the background where all beliefs, values and emotions are stored. As a hypnotherapist, I work directly with the subconscious mind as this is where real change takes place. Once in hypnosis. the conscious critical mind has moved aside and therefore I am able to directly work with the subconscious mind where serious changes can be made.

Another way to think of it would be to compare our brain to a computer. All the experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, traumas and belief systems can be compared to programs that have been “downloaded” into the subconscious mind. These programs might be not wanted or outdated. We are reprogramming old, outdated beliefs and emotions (outdated computer programs) and updating those programs with newer, more beneficial programs.

In a nutshell, Your brain is the computer and hypnotherapy is a method to rewrite programs that are no longer working for you.

There has been much research done over the past decades which have shown how hypnotherapy can work well for a wide variety of conditions such as anxiety, weight loss, depression, PTSD, irritable bowel, headaches just to mention a few. And has also proven to be quite successful in clinical settings used in medical and dental surgery for pain management.

And how does hypnotherapy stack up against other forms of therapy?

According to the American Health Magazine:

Psychoanalysis 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6-10 sessions

Self esteem is a root cause of many of the issues/problems that my clients come to see me for and as we clear up other issues then self esteem is improved and vice versa. If you are wanting to further explore how hypnotherapy can help you then feel free to comment below or drop my a line at andrea@yourbestbeing.com

Also, let me know what else you want to know about hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious mind.

Love & Light


10 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy for Low Self Esteem- Does it work?”

  1. Very good post on hypnotherapy . We don’t know all of how are mind works but we do know that because of all the junk in the world are minds get cluttered and sometimes we need assist getting back on track.

  2. Great post about hypnotherapy. It looks like I need to try that too. I think that I am not confident about myself enough.
    Some time ago I read books about hypnosis, self-hypnosis. Actually, now I am trying self-hypnosis. What do you think about self-hypnosis?

    1. Self hypnosis is a great way to help a person to deal with any negative thoughts or emotions! Let me know how you do- is there a particular self-hypnosis technique that you are doing?

  3. Hi, Andrea. I have proved the power of hypnotherapy for my first daughter. She was not talking and just quiet in the school for five years. If we her parents asked what was the problem, she didn’t want to answer. We guessed she was suffer from bullying. We were very confused because she would join her graduation tests for elementary school which need some “must produce voice” tests such as sing, preach, pray. Thank God hypnotherapy had overcome it. She is an architecture student now and I am very proud of her. But now my third daughter have problems in reading and talking. He can not reading fluently yet. Would you like to give me some advices?

    1. So wonderful to hear about how hypnotherapy helped your first daughter! I too personally overcame personal struggles with hypnotherapy-after discovering how well it had helped me I then became a hypnotherapist myself to help other people.

      As for your third daughter- how old is she? You may want to see if she would be open to trying hypnotherapy like her sister…perhaps seeing the same hypnotherapist that your first daughter had success with…

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