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Alcohol and Eating Disorder Recovery

This is a topic that I think we will revisit on this blog periodically.

And so okay here’s the thing- I really like wine.

There is no way around it- no way to sugar coat it… I enjoy a few glasses. And if you’re looking for someone who has it all together each and every day- that isn’t me. I only make it look that way from my instagram photos lol! I still have the abnormal day of being a hot mess and that’s okay- they are pretty few and far in between these days. One thing is for certain though-

Eating Disorders and Alcohol Really Don’t Mix.

Now- just because I have just mentioned the above statement doesn’t mean that I have cut alcohol out of my life completely. I have to be honest here- in moderation it is quite enjoyable. But that’s just it- in moderation.

The thing about people who struggle with eating disorders is that there is always that ‘prone to addiction and depression’ thing that that Dr. Paula Lavine mentions in her recent post.


So if a person who struggles with an eating disorder is already prone to addiction- in fact being addicted to the eating disorder itself- there is a bright blinking sign of caution to introduce something else that could be an addition such as drugs and or alcohol (also escapism) it will either go alongside the disorder and or take over in the form of a primary addiction used for the same coping mechanisms as the ED was used for.


Alcohol is also a depressant that decreases levels of serotonin (your happiness hormones) and changes the chemistry of your brain over time. This is similar to that of what happens when you are dealing with ED.

So same game different playground so to speak.

Where I Am At : No Judgement

By no means would I consider my drinking to be ‘out of hand’ at this time but I do consume alcohol. During my pregnancy of course I was not drinking, and at this point post pregnancy with a 6 month year old you bet that I have incorporated a glass (okay, okay- sometimes two) of wine into my lifestyle. I try to live a balanced life where I can drink in moderation but I need to constantly be aware of myself and my choices just in case it starts to slide into another direction. This is a choice that I have made for MYSELF- and definitely not something that works for everybody. There are days where I really take a look at myself and guess what? I feel okay about it! … so for now- this is where I am at.

So in closing- maybe I should do an alcohol free project me month and document it on here? ideas, ideas! There are some solid reasons why alcohol and eating disorder recovery don’t mix. There are also different schools of thought on how to approach the incorporation of alcohol into your lifestyle once you have recovered from an eating disorder. What do you think- should I be avoiding alcohol completely? Am I “playing with fire” here or have I become a healthy and balanced individual who recognizes that I can make my own choices in life based on how I feel. I write this post with awareness and the ability to be honest.

Like I mentioned, this is definitely a topic that we should revisit.
I would LOVE to hear your comments on this topic below.

Lots of Love xo


Further Comments:

So, after posting this I spent some time reflecting on this topic and I am starting (today) a 30 day “dry reflection period”. Make sure to check out the Your Best Being Facebook Page and join the 30 Day Alcohol Free Group.

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