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Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life

I am 18 weeks pregnant and from my last post, no longer moving to Alberta.


At the same time, I am much father away from my dear boyfriend and this baby-to-be’s father which is less than ideal.

Also, in the process of my decision which was originally to make a move to Alberta, I gave away ALL of my Real Estate listings. Around 8 total.

Although I applaud myself in my diligent and efficient transition planning, I now feel like I made such moves too soon, considering that I am now staying put in my hometown of beautiful Kelowna, BC.

My initial thoughts were- FUCK. I just gave away a bunch of money.

HOWEVER- I reminded myself quickly on how our thoughts shape our reality and this could really be quite a blessing as it has opened up a lot of time for me to explore my passions, come back to this online landscape, learn, and most importantly live my life relatively stress-free right now considering that I do not have any pressures associated with work.

I now get to enjoy several mini-adventures flying to visit my boyfriend… missing him just makes me realize how much I love him, and how much I do appreciate the times we get to share together.

Well now, that was easy! Now I feel better.

If you change your thoughts you can change your life. In just a simple instant. Nothing works as quickly as a shift in thinking- a reframe if you will. Some days and moments will be easier than others.

In this moment the thought shift was easy – but that is not to say that I too have my moments. Practice makes perfect- but generally, when you focus on how you feel, and you spend more time feeling good, you will notice that life falls into place.

Using my example above, one could think about loss- OR, could think about all the possibility and gain to be had.

A simple shift in mindset.

So, today’s simple message is to be reiterated: Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life.

Let’s Start A Conversation: Let’s expand on this topic. Does this resonate with you? Can you tell me some of your own experiences on how a shift in thinking has propelled you forward? I would love to hear it! Comment below or drop me a line at yourbestbeing@outlook.com



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