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Healthy French Toast Recipe – Stay Lean & Eat What You Want

I am not really a recipe blogger… but I sort of want to be…

My blog is all about becoming the best version of yourself- and my hope is to share my journey with you and what I do to be the best version of myself- including some of my favorite recipes.

So, with this in mind, I am sharing with you my healthy french toast recipe.


 I am quite intuitive with my cooking. So that means that I do not focus so much on exact measurements, cooking times, etc. Individual preferences vary anyway.

I hope that you get inspiration from this recipe- it is fairly accurate but let me know what you think….perhaps I should be making more of an effort for all of you non-intuitive cooks out there? Please let me know…

The inspiration for this post is based on the fact that I love french toast! There is no need (and no point) to deprive yourself of things that you love, especially on a busy day!

Oh, and one more thing…

Besides this recipe, the main takeaway that I have learned and would like to share with you is this:

There is no need to deprive yourself of meals you enjoy.

Instead, you can find healthy alternatives that will satisfy your body and mind.

The Recipe:

Here is my healthy french toast recipe that is quick and easy (APPROX. MACROS ADDED)


1 piece of Texas toast (cinnamon and raisin) or extra thick sliced cinnamon bread with raisins.

(130 cal  2.5g fat /3g protein/24g carbs)

3 egg whites

(45 cal/0g f/10g p/0g c)

dash cinnamon, dash nutmeg, 2-3 table spoons almond milk

(*trace macros)

1 tsp organic butter or cooking spray

Toppings (I used banana, organic PB, REAL Syrup)

Quick and Easy Steps

Whisk together egg whites, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond milk.

Dip bread in until fully absorbed.

Head pan with butter-medium

Place bread with absorbed ingredients on the frying pan and cook about 3 min each side.

Lower heat and keep flipping…

I leave it on really low heat for a few more minutes on each side.

Ready to eat!

Feel free to add toppings, I like banana, organic crunchy peanut butter and a bit of 100% real maple syrup.

Watch the video below… coming soon!

As an “intuitive cook” so I don’t really watch the time… I guess I should if I am sharing recipes…

Let me know what you think!!

Do you have any healthy breakfast recipes that you would like to share?

9 thoughts on “Healthy French Toast Recipe – Stay Lean & Eat What You Want”

  1. I might try this over the weekend. I have been craving french toast. I have never used raisin bread though. I love raisin bread just never thought of using it for french toast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have always loved French Toast. I would make it with whole wheat bread, or any type of bread I liked. I would always use spices like you have here which give it flavor without using a sweetener. I also love allspice in it since it isn’t as strong as nutmeg and has a wonderful rich flavor. Vanilla extract is a must for me as well. It also adds a sweetness without sweetener.

    With all those great, warm flavors there is no need for sugar. As you said, real maple syrup is great though! It is so good and so healthy compared to fake syrup.

    Do you ever use the combined coconut and almond milk varieties?

  3. I have tried this delicious dish and it was amazing. I am forever grateful that someone was wonderful enough to cook it for me. I recommend everyone to make these for yourself and loved ones. Andrea, you have a gift. Keep sharing it with the world 🙂

  4. I like I like! I love french toast and waffles and lately I’ve become a healthy diet kind of guy, This will be great for me to enjoy a french toast without the guilty pleasure. It’ll be innocent pleasure! LOL. Thank you!

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