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Heilkunst Healing Journey – The First Post

“Hey I’m going off to a Heilkunst appointment today,”  I say.

Simply saying this I know I am forgetting that I am seemingly the .0000000000002 of the population who actually partakes in or knows of this methodology of healing.

“So what is Heilkunst”? Everyone asks.

Actually, that’s what they say if I am lucky.

The more typical reply is then “What? How do you say that word again?”

I have gotten used to knowing that nobody or barely anybody knows about Heilkunst Healing.

I actually have stopped mentioning that I am “headed to Heilkunst” and just simplify it by saying that I am off to see my homeopath (Heilkunst does fall under the method of homeopathy anyways).

People who know me know that I am open to and enjoy trying different types of natural healing styles.

So in this post I will address one of what I would consider to be the most important ones that I have stumbled upon, Heilkunst.

In short, Heilkunst is German for “The Art of Making Whole”.

And to be honest, past that, I hadn’t the bloodiest clue what I was actually doing when I first got started.

I know much more about it now.

I learn as I go.

And such is life.

I find it hard to explain exactly what Heilkunst is and I have invited some fellow Heilkunsters to read this post, so feel free to comment below to explain more about it if you would like. Infact, PLEASE DO share your personal experience to back me up on this!!

For those of you who have just learned about this now (and are still trying to understand the correct pronunciation of the word) let me tell you more about how this healing modality has served me and why I encourage you to perhaps look into it further yourself.

Helikunst made me realize why we are all f*d up.

The idea of Heilkunst is as follows; we all have inherited dysfunctions and we all have additionally built up physical and emotional trauma over time. Once these traumas and inherited diseases and dysfunctions have been removed, our true selves will be able to show.

This is a shorter version of what I was explained when I got my initial consultation.

It made sense. So I signed Up.

I am always down to improve myself in all ways possible.

I “stumbled” across it a couple years ago- now some could say it could just be coincidental but my life is drastically different (for the better) since when I first started.

Breakdown of my journey so far:

For the first segment of my healing, we went through the timeline of physical and emotional traumas. I was given powders and droppers that I did not understand. What I did understand was that typically every 10-14 days I would experience a “healing reaction” or a “healing crisis”.

You can read more about my healing reactions when I start to write my Heilkunst Diaries…. coming soon.

During this timeline, I noticed right away that my inner creativity and exploration in finding my true authentic self (including true passion and purpose) had been activated.

I took up the guitar, acrylic painting, etc.

I also had days when I could barely get out of bed.

It was hard to establish the exact level of crazy that Heilkunst had “made me become” but I was able to connect more with my emotions and stabilize over time. Other adventures happened and again, I can share those later in my Heilkunst Diaries, but you get the gist of it.

After the timeline was finished (it can take anywhere from less than 2 to 4+ years depending on the person) I moved onto the first set of Miasms.


Where to begin. To put it really simply, chronic miasms are inherited diseases that have been passed down from passed generations. Waaaaay back.

For example, let’s just say your ancestor had syphilis. He or she could have passed this on to his or her descendants, who in turn pass then passed it on to their descendants, and so on.

This miasm tends to manifest as a dysfunction- for example, the syphilis miasm could be affecting you showing itself as fear, self destruction, etc.

I am currently on my first round of 8 miasms and there are another 3 rounds of 8 left to go.

I very much believe that Heilkunst has been an integral part of my healing, and has brought me to seek out other modalities as well (body talk, hypnotherapy, etc.) all which have had their place in my journey.

Proof that this is the real deal…..

I get a lot of people wondering if Heilkunst is “the real deal” after I explain to them more about what it is about.

All I know is that since starting Heilkunst a few years back I am most definitely different and the most notable change is that I have switched careers and discovered my true calling/passion.

So my measurement was how I was and how my life was before, and how I am and how my life is now.

Many people that I have known over the years need tangible hard evidence and want me to tell them exactly how and why it works.

I find that I really cannot articulate to them exactly what they are wanting or needing to hear.

Which brings me down to the driving point here.

We don’t really understand or have the ability to quantify electricity or the internet but we all use it and know that it works for us.

I invite you to consider that such is like many other things in life.

I do not know the entire workings of Heilkunst, I leave that to my Heilkunst Doctor who has spent years understanding the entire method.

What I do know is that it seems to work for me, and it is my belief and truth that I was led down this path for very specific reasons.

Your journey will be different than my journey…

I do believe that everyone is different, and what works for me may not be the exact solution for someone else, but I encourage you to dig a bit deeper to understand more about this if this post has resonated with you.

I also want to point out that no amount of external therapy will work if a person internally is not willing to have self awareness or make the changes and shifts necessary for a healing to take place- which is why I am so into hypnotherapy as it specifically deals with mindset.

The point that I am driving in this post is this- we may not understand everything, but sometimes we need to trust an inner guidance, a deeper inner knowing. People around us can tell us their opinion of what they think works or what doesn’t, but what really matters is what YOU think is right for you.

For me it is Heilkunst.

What about you?

If you do Heilkunst or are interested in this methodology of healing let me know! Do you have your own healing experience that you want to share?


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