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Learn Forgiveness – Steps Towards Freedom

This month has posed a unique challenge for me on how to learn forgiveness- not just for others but for myself.

Forgiveness can be hard- when we think of forgiveness I think that I am not the only one who defaults to associating forgiveness with forgiving another person for something that they did, or you have felt that they have done.

I am certain that there is at least one person in your life that you could take a moment to find forgiveness for- this person is the most important person of all… finding forgiveness in yourself.

find forgiveness in yourself

Finding Forgiveness In Myself

This, in itself, was and is a journey.

Just playing with this topic opened the door on pandora’s box.

The situation which had pushed me into this space was enough to make me want to listen, to uncover and discover the many layers that coexist within my physical existence, as this was an issue of the heart.

Although to sit in it might be painfilled, I do not doubt that I will from this point forward be eternally grateful for all the discoveries that I have and will receive from this experience, this lesson.

Lessons Learned

I had to accept and forgive myself that I am not perfect.

And to discover and uncover that nothing is perfect because what the fuck is perfection, to begin with.

I had to accept and forgive myself for trying to take responsibility for the thoughts, feelings, and actions of other people

Because it is not my path to walk it is theirs.

I had to forgive myself and realize that I do not know and that I might be doing things that cause myself harm.

Coming to the realization that I am indeed, far from perfect.

I had to forgive the resistance I was holding on to- the resistance in forgiving myself.

It can be hard to let go.

Many situations come up for me that help me uncover areas that still need work. I do believe that we are in constant evolution and to stop learning and improving means to stop growing and living.

The fork in the road where you can go in either direction- self-medicate with distractions or go inward and take the time to understand how what is within me is projected around me. I choose the latter and it is still a work in progress. Perhaps it always will be.

I embrace and appreciate the journey!

I also find additional ways to support myself during this process- one of my simple tools is surrounding myself with supportive crystals such as Rose & Lavender Quartz. You can check out more about the use of these crystals here.

I would love to hear any insights or what this post might have brought up for you.

What did my lessons mean for you?

Stay tuned for my new video series on topics like this!

Stay Humble Love & Light xo


1 thought on “Learn Forgiveness – Steps Towards Freedom”

  1. Hi Andrea, none of us are perfect and we all have our demons. You’ve reminded me how important it is that we acknowledge this and do our best to forgive ourselves and be happy thanks for sharing 🙂

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