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Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Lose.

My daughter was running with her friends the other day- they were racing to the chain link fence.

My daughter (albeit she got a late start) did not win. She was a bit upset, and the toddler next to her said: “That’s okay- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”


And then, for them, it was over. The day moved on and I don’t think any one of them would think further into that moment.

For myself, that simple statement made by that 4 year old really hit home.

In life, we make choices for ourselves. The choices have outcomes. Sometimes we cannot see the goodness with what we feel is “bad”. Sometimes the “bad” really ends up being good for us as life moves ahead and we can look back and reflect.

Other times, bad choices are bad choices and you are left to lie in the bed that you made for yourself. Hopefully the medicine in that bad choice was to smarten up. So maybe you do or maybe you don’t.

An intelligent win is a victory over a win of chance.

Spending over a decade in real estate I saw wins and loses frequently and in many regards.

I have had many loses and many wins over my life. Those loses make my wins feel even more delightful.

In the end, does it matter?

Probably not.

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