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Breakthroughs and Illusions

What? Are we almost in March?

Are you feeling the energies of the world lately? I am feeling a huge internal shift myself, honoring my feminine and paying particular attention to the earths call.

We are, as a society (particularly where I am) in the West- dare I say it…. We are sick.

I think we have all been hearing the Earth’s calls for awhile now but unfortunately the way things “constructed” people are too busy in survival mode to hear it. I often feel a chilling sadness of how brutal we are towards each other and the world. A personal breakthrough is a commitment to myself to focus on my self care and also spiritual practices more than ever. I have removed the TV from my living room and will be setting up an altar to support this. Before you roll your eyes, chill- I have a TV in my bedroom (I never thought I would have or want a TV in the bedroom for many reasons but here we are) I am human. I am not saying you need to also do this- but what my intuition is telling me is that this is what I am needing at this moment. Music is my savior. I am placing the intention to go deep this year- deeper than ever before.

As I write this I look up over at my vision board and can see how it is all coming together- the subconscious rewiring has happened. Powerful.

My vision board, is probably the most authentic and aligned board that I have created to date. It is also the one that holds the most simplicity. The most truth.

As people seem to be more and more stressed now adays, I invite you to explore the illusion of what we think is the true path to happiness. I have been blessed to be able to bear witness on the fact that the many of the most wealthiest (monetary, asset based wealth) people may struggle with the deepest in mental health and loneliness. This means the pain that comes from additions, family trauma, fear and isolation, neuroticism… True wealth and richness is formed by health and community- and as we sit within a society that forms its intrinsic worth around external pleasures and consumptions (never enough, never satiated, always wanting more) – we REALLY DO need to stop and wonder, when will this madness end?

We are all purposefully and individually siloed- what has this created? Division and separation from one another. Burned out mothers who’s partners are working around the clock to put food on the table or perhaps a single mother which we all need to stop and take a moment to think: how the heck are they doing all of it? Everybody is so focused on being task driven, when does that leave time to enjoy and play? Care for our environment? What are we showing out children- the future.

The illusion of having it all has take us further away from the fruit of the enjoyment of life- living, being.

Don’t be trapped in the illusion.

Once you see it, then it is harder to go back.

Sending you love.


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