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A New Chapter – Moving On.

Wow- what can I say… this chapter is coming to an end. Maybe that sounds too final, perhaps I should say that moving forward I will be working on something… different.

I started this blog back in May 2017. I had wanted to add something into my life that tapped into my natural curiosities and interests- something creative, inspiring- something that would help me to “find my voice”.

I had done a numerology reading years before and I was told that one of my lessons in this lifetime was in fact to “find my voice”.

I never considered myself a writer but always felt artistic in nature. I started this blog as a hobby blog for fun- to experiment with affiliate marketing as a way to build up an additional revenue stream (because lets face it, I have an appetite for beyond real estate and stocks) and I wanted to also showcase another side of me that I was (and still am) absolutely passionate about- authentic self-development.

The blog gave me an opportunity to be more intimate with my feelings and thoughts than I think I was able to be in perhaps ever- and writing the words were honest. All of this then propelled me to contribute to “Fear Less” an Anthology –

Since writing that chapter, its crazy…

It’s not that I have “lost my passion” for creating, but rather I felt that my purpose for writing had been fulfilled- at least for the moment and on that current topic. I said what I had to say- honestly, authentically. I share in my chapter and throughout my blog details of myself and my life that I had never shared with many. For years I felt that I had lived a double life- and I am sure many people in the world of real estate had no idea my truest self.

All that shame- all those “secrets” I felt that had been locked up, the book was the key. It was the release. So as much as my chapter was written with the hopes to inspire and bring companionship to those also struggling, It was also healing for me.

And then. Life.

<Okay so the above part was where I was thinking about walking away from my blog and then here I am realizing that I don’t want to do that. So I slightly adjusted and cut out the ending of this post I did a few weeks ago>

I stopped writing, gave myself permission to stop writing and totally be okay with it. I was happy with the book- I thought maybe, this is the end?

Well today the tide changes. I am longing for the outlet that writing had given me. Lately I have been dealing with some challenges I supposed, and so writing seems to be what I gravitate towards.

I think I will continue with the diary-esk style of entries. I have been saying it forever ago but potentially a youtube diary to go along with it. I realize that I am wanting a youtube channel as a creative outlet filled with peace and comfort- I find creative inspiration from watching Anh Lin and Choki- which leads us to my next blog post titled: Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is about the day that never came. I think for most of you reading it could reasonate in some way. Procrastination is a creative block that can draw from more than what lay may seem to lay on the surface. Permission, self worth, acceptance and receptivity are all the topics that I will cover in the upcoming post- and perhaps it will be accompanied by a video- FINALLY.




<3 lovelove.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

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