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Changes All Around

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Look who’s back.

I always turn to the blog when things get a bit rocky haha. I love to share with you there times because I know I am not alone here, and hopefully it will encourage you to recognize that you are not alone either.

As I reflect over the past couple years, I have noticed a shift (a change if you will) in my desire to share over social media. As much as I spill the beans over this blog, I also tend to be a private person. Particularly in respect to my then partner and also daughter.

In the same breath, I always feel the need to turn to the blog in times that would be considered to be “challenging” … honestly because I just feel pulled to do so. I also have a tendency to want to write during these times. I might have mentioned that when I was younger I had a personal diaries that were read through and shared (thanks Mom!) so now I no longer have a diary. My blog is my diary. It makes for decent content and then I have nothing to hide. Probably associated with some level of trauma from said diaries being shared.

*Your Welcome* Please note: I have nothing against my mom and I love her.


Change is in the air.

From my relationship status to my ‘career’ I am just about done with the old “new” me and continue to forge ahead with the adventures of life – twists and turns included. My quick cast link above will further explain to this.

I think the shake up has been my recent shamanic sessions, and I have a third session tomorrow.

In the midst of this change, if you are experiencing changes too, it is important to get CLEAR.

What do you want?
What do you need?
What does success look like to you? In ALL areas of your life.

Current mood: Work to feel my feelings and prioritize myself and my healthy and fitness. Get clear on what brings now brings me joy and surround myself with like minded people.

The reality is this: Change is inevitable. What brought joy 5 years ago may no longer bring the same level of joy it once did. Relationships can take an unexpected turn. Careers can no longer bring to you the level of satisfaction they once did (or maybe you are realizing that they never brought satisfaction in the first place). All of this is also okay. Because the once thing that is certain is change.

Feel it. Feel the shit.

The embrace it. Start to get excited about it.

I wonder what is going to be around the corner?

I’d love to here what changes you are going through… comment below!

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