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Starting the New Year Off Right – The Art of Doing Nothing

In stillness we find peace.

I cannot tell you why my life resembles that of a senior citizen these days- and I am not complaining. For those of you that find this statement awkward, let me remind you that this is 100 percent my choice and I am so grateful.

Gone are the days of parties early into the mornings that last for weeks, frivolous spending and eating out for every meal (if it wasn’t replaced with a glass of wine…or something else). Me a decade ago would be impressed with the moves I have made. I also hold absolutely no regrets for my past- it shaped me into who I am today and I will not leave this earth thinking that I have not lived. Oh, how I have lived…

I have no hang ups on living a life that is closer to living as if one was closer to their end of days. Albeit according to my latest psychic reading I should be living a long and healthy life.

Ringing into 2023 the energy is typically “do-do-do”. All geared up and roaring to go is my typical way to start up a year, except for this one. I haven’t even done my 2022 reflections or 2023 intentions yet- I have let go of any guilt and given myself permission to just continue on from the ending of 2022 which proved to be both “dramatic” in it’s lust for swift surprise and fruitful in the gifts on insight and self awareness.

I have been choosing to be in a much more yin state lately. Really practicing the “art of doing nothing”. And when I mean nothing I mean I am actually still doing something but just nothing that I don’t really want to do. It’s a luxury. I feel blessed.

How did we get here?

I’ve decided to really prefect my craft in living as a human being instead of a human doing. Making a lot more space for dance and music, hanging out with my daughter, staying in, bone broth and tea- all those things that really create a container for comfort. No apologies about it.

Now that I have really made up my mind to move on from my previous career in real estate, my word is an open sea. Speaking of which I just got my boating certificate and will start boating this spring/summer. As I continue to sit in the silence of the winter, I am focused on mainly 3 things: Being a mother, my health/wellness (spiritual, emotional, physical) and piano. I am currently looking to get a micro grand piano- they are so cute! Besides that, I am looking forward to continuing my studies- inner studies. I have once again taken an interest in mind power (just because I am a certified hypnotherapist does not mean that I ever stop my learning). I am finding my primary interest right now lies in the works of Jose Silva, Joe Dispenza and Dolores Cannon., I am considering- CONSIDERING- that I will start my hypnotherapy/coaching practice up again… but I need to figure all of that out. I have no intention of working with just everyone and anyone for anything… and there definitely will be a very heavy underlying spiritual pathway that will be presented in the undertone of anything I do.

So yeah, just figuring it all out, AGAIN- like a treasure hunt!

Life is full of magic and mysteries.

I am honored that you are able to come with my on this journey anew.

I also take note on the fact that the last half of this post oddly resembles that of a seasonal Christmas letter that one would email out to their friends and family.

If you come to my blog regularly and are reading this then, even if we don’t “know” each other in a way that has become expected in every day society, know that you are are my friend and you are my family. I encourage you to reach out via instagram @andreakellylove

Blessings into 2023 and beyond.


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