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A Year of Renewal & Blog Changes

It’s Almost 2019!!!

And another year has passed! Crazy. 

As each new year approaches, I reflect on the past year- and this year I must say that I have overcome some amazing obstacles that I couldn’t have ever imagined (more on that later) and also discovered the areas that I would like to focus on for 2019 improvement.

This blog in 2018 had minimal action – I just wasn’t feeling as inspired to write.

It recently occurred to me that perhaps I just was no longer inspired to stay within the same realm of content that I had been writing about while I was in a different season of life- and that I shouldn’t feel like I need to limit myself to a “particular theme or style” and rather just…Blog.

The End of an Era

I can see how I am no longer the same person that started this blog only less than 2 years ago.

I feel like I need a complete refresh of just everything right now – in a good way.

I will be (and have already started) the post-Christmas purge. I organize all my receipts for the upcoming tax year, I go through clothes, all other items… everything. It makes me feel AMAZING and ready to start the year with all my ducks in a row.

This year is particularly a bit different because as I have changed, I have noticed an increasing awareness that other areas of my life must be changed too…

I have put the Hypnotherapy & Coaching on hold for now. I want to focus on not worrying about doing anything other than what my heart sings for me to do for the next 6 months. I felt so much “need to do” that I think I have found myself a bit further away from the path of flow and present than I would like.

So, I am intentionally just creating a bit of space…and my heart is singing for me to refresh, update- to work on beautification and renewal for all areas of my life.

New Space and Environment

So first things first, I am working on a home reno project! (I am doing a video on my reno so check back for the link in the new year).  I originally set an intention (A reminder to myself to do a 2019 intention setting blog) to move somewhere and rent out my current home, but there are few factors that have just made me feel intuitvely that I need to stay put- just for now.

And I won’t beat around the bush – it’s time to amp things up and nix the beige (6 years ago when I first moved in I had different feelings). I’m a true Libra with a love for design and a hard time accepting that perhaps I do not always need to have everything kept like a show home… nah, I keep that neurotic trait about me no problem. I don’t mind that one.

What is to be expected from this blog now?

Moving forward, you can expect more of a lifestyle blog feel. I will probably always have at least one foot dipped in real estate, I will always be passionate about self-development – so I may look into trying to find the best way to merge the two…

I also want to document my journey as a “pretty much healed” from a severe eating disorder that I have struggled with for 20 years.

The blog is currently experiencing a renewal, just like me and many other areas of my life.

Any comments, questions, suggestions are all welcome. I look forward to the transition and I thank you all for your support at this time 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Year of Renewal & Blog Changes”

  1. Happy new year Andrea!
    Always appreciate receiving your blog in my inbox, and this time is no different. It is pleasantly reassuring to know someone who is passionate about life and quite successful finds herself facing challenges that are not so straightforward to overcome and crossroads not easy to choose. We are all human! Being home in Toronto with family and friends and old neighbourhoods and seeing changes in everything so suddenly is shocking, surprising, and can bring about a nostalgia that can turn emotional. Another year in the books and I feel there is never enough time to reflect, give credit where it is due, and forge new intentions. Thank you for constantly taking the high road, being real with your readers, and being vulnerable to your audience. I find it empowering and uplifting. Best to you in 2019!

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