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Hellerwork for Eating Disorders & Healing

What is Hellerwork and could it be something that is useful for you?

My personal journey with Eating disorder recovery consisted of a variety of alternative healing modalities- this included bodywork and learning to be present in my body, feeling my body- anything to get away from the dissociative behaviours that I found so comforting.

In a past post, (whoa- has it been two years already?!) I mention the benefits of bodywork and letting go of stored emotions within my body through my own personal experience of Hellerwork with Sarah Brown. Sarah shares her personal story of how she found Hellerwork for her own chronic symptoms you will hear from the podcast below. She also goes into greater depth on her website and also within the podcast to explain what Hellerwork is.

The simple way to explain Hellerwork is that it is a form of bodywork, similar to that of massage- however Hellerwork goes beyond tapping into not only the body but the mind and the spirit. As Sarah mentions, ” Hellerwork incorporates a ‘three-pronged approach’ using deep tissue bodywork, somatic dialogue and movement education to address and release tension, stress and pain in the body”.

I do believe that everybody has individual needs towards what their own personal healing journey requires. Hellerwork is not for everyone- but a strict ‘clinical only’ approach is not necessarily for everyone either. Such was the case with myself, and Sarah. My eating disorder journey was rather a spiritual unfoldment and a discovery of limitless possibilities within this world- and truly, in its own way, a very special gift.

For Sarah, in many ways her chronic pain turned into her gift that she is able to share with the world. Hear more about her story, and how Hellerwork might be something that works for you…

xx AK

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