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Baked Kale Chips Recipe – When All You Want is Chips & Chicken

Disclaimer: Do not read this post if you are triggered by the mention of calories, etc. 

Today is a good day!

Fall is in the air and I am excited for the magical new beginnings that this will bring.

For you today, this magical new beginning could be a baked kale chips recipe that I am about to share with you…

If you do not already know how to make your own kale chips and you love kale like I do then….


As I toss aside my dinner to write this post (kale chips, chicken, and a coke zero), something additionally incredible comes to my attention which I must share with you.

I have completely devoured an entire bag of Ulitmate Spicy Curry Lime Kale Chips from Solar Raw (not sponsored but I should be) and it was only 200 something calories!!

I feel really good.I’ve been working all day, I am full, and all it took was a bag of kale chips.

Oh, and a bit of chicken.

Let’s face it, as a single lady I do not have time to make dinner when I get home each evening.

I just don’t want to.

I could lie to you and say that I eat on point all the time just like some of my Instagram posts suggest, but I don’t.

And I want to make another point-

Sometimes the idea of a “traditional” full meal is not appealing to me.

Sometimes I just want to embrace to the fullest extent the true bachelorette that I am and go for something that requires minimal effort- but is still healthy.

And sometimes I just want chips – but not that greasy potato kind that has me feeling like garbage after.

I feel like this kale chip fully encompasses all of my desires.

I also feel like I am totally not alone with this thinking….

There are some great pre-made kale chips out there. They are just too yummy that I eat the whole bag. Not that it matters… but then the next day I am left wanting more….


For a variety of reasons, I feel like everyone should know how to make their own simple easy kale chips… especially all of you ladies out there who might just be needing a night of ….

Chips & Chicken.

so without further ado, here is my quick and easy

Khale Chips Recipe

You can make them ahead of time so that they can be your “go to” after a long day.


I head kale- washed, de-stemmed and torn into pieces. (Go ahead and use your best judgment for the sizing, have some fun).

1-2 tbsp oil (Olive, avocado, sunflower- whatever you’ve got)

Seasoning (curry powder, chili powder, turmeric, salt… what do you like?)

Nutritional yeast

Optional: Soaked cashews crushed up


Preheat oven to 250F degrees… you want it LOW. This is the secret to bake the kale into the chip right in my own opinion.

Massage oil into the kale in a big bowl. Add the seasonings, nutritional yeast, and crushed cashews if desired (don’t forget some Himalayan salt).


Spread on a cookie sheet.

Put it in the oven and check frequently after 15-20 mins.

You can flip if you want, it will be crispy when ready.

Let them cool, before storing in an airtight container.


I don’t know how long they last. They never make it past a day around me.

Let me know how you enjoyed this recipe!!

12 thoughts on “Baked Kale Chips Recipe – When All You Want is Chips & Chicken”

  1. This sounds so delicious. I never knew that you can bake kale, I always eat mine raw. I am definitely going t try this out. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I love kale, I used to just quick-fry it, add a little wine and wa-la! But I didn’t know we can bake kale into chips. This is gonna be yummy!

    I also don’t have time to cook since I’m working 8 to 12-hour shifts but I love to eat; I love to eat healthy foods and that’s why I still prefer to prepare my own meals but I do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen. So this quick and easy healthy kale chips recipe is perfect for me.

    Thanks Andrea. I’ll be looking forward to more of your healthy and yummy food recipes.

    1. Quick fry with a little wine?? OOoo lala great idea! Thanks for the share on that one. Always looking for different ways to eat my kale. I hear you about being busy but still wanting to prepare your own healthy food… I will post more quick and healthy recipes over time to make sure to check in!

  3. Oooo.. kale chips, chicken, and a coke zero? Is this only for ladies? 😛

    I’ve never had that combination before, but would certainly love to try it, and I’m sure my wife would too! The combination of kale chips, chicken and a coke zero should help me convince her to make them (mwahahaha). I don’t bake, but she does and she loves baking for me – Yes, I’m a very lucky husband.

    We’ve been looking for something to satisfy our ‘chips’ cravings and this looks like the solution for us, so thanks for sharing this.

    Btw – How big was the bag of Solar Raw Ulitmate Spicy Curry Lime Kale Chips? I’m interested to know because it was only 200 calories. 🙂

    1. Lol, not limited to just ladies haha. It is a great combo. The bag is 100g. 60 cals for 25g…. not that I live my life counting calories but the overall macros are great and. OMG they are so good. Not sure if the Solar Raw brand is available where you are but they have a few different flavors… all are good… I have made my mind up to get more today.
      Let me know how it goes!

  4. Sound like a yummy version of kale chips.
    They are a big hit at our place and even the kids eat them.
    We use olive oil, salt and grated parmesan cheese.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe, I can’t wait to try it.

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